PowerShell for Power BI 

PowerShell cmdlets in Power BI is a way for admins to perform tasks at the tenant level. This allows admins to work with the resources at the Power BI Tenant Level. They can work with workspaces, reports, dashboards, datasets, perform recovery tasks, and discover data sources for the entire organization. Below, I will list out some of the most used cmdlets and in the later blog posts, I will show each of these cmdlets in action for easy review.  

Before we begin it is important to know that Power BI cmdlets have following modules 

  1. Management module (the highest level of a module) 
  1. Admin module – to perform admin duties across the Power BI service 
  1. Capacity module – for managing and interacting with capacities 
  1. Data module – for managing and interacting with PBI datasets and data sources 
  1. Profile module – for managing connections to PBI Service 
  1. Reports module – for managing and interacting with PBI reports 
  1. Workspaces module – for managing and interacting with PBI workspaces 

To read more about this click here 

Run the command below to install the cmdlet for the entire Management Module as below  

Once the module is installed, use the below cmdlet to log into PBI and establish the session. If and once this is successful you should see the following

  1. Environment 
  1. Tenant Id 
  1. Username 

If you have had previously installed any other version of the management module then you can run the following command and update this

I have run some of the most common commands as below and you can see the output below 

This is a very basic overview. However, this will get you started with PowerShell by installing the right module and signing you into a new Power BI session. In future blog posts, we will discover each of these modules.

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